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    He’s covered in bees!

    34-year-old Chinese beekeeper She Ping (previously featured here) just broke his own record for number of beehive’s worth of bees worn as a suit. Wearing live bees isn’t a hobby we’re ready to try, but this is an unquestionably awesome feat. The last time Ping tried this stunt he wore 330,000 bees from 15 hives. This time She Ping’s wife and five fellow beekeepers managed to dress him in 456,000 bees from 28 hives. He estimates the “bee dress” weighed at least 100 lbs.

    "I first did this at 22, just for fun and out of curiosity. Later on, I would put on the bees just for the sake of making people believe I sell actual real honey," he told the Chongqing Evening Post.

    If you’re wondering how long it takes to dress in almost half a million bees, the answer is about 40 minutes. 40 minutes during which Ping was stung at least 20 times. After careful consideration we think we’ll stick with our Inflatable Beard of Bees for the time being.

    [via Nerdcore and The Guardian]


    AT&True Detective, ‘It’s Not Complicated’ Commercial Spoof Featuring Rust Cohle From ‘True Detective’


    The Power Of Poop: A Whale Story

    It begins with this obvious observation: Whales poop. In fact, they poop mightily.

    [Marine biologist Victor] Smetacek proposed that because baleen whales prowl the seas consuming immense quantities of krill, they might, during digestion, concentrate their food into iron-rich deposits which, when the time comes, they eject back into the ocean. Nobody had looked closely at whale poop, but following Smetacek’s article, marine biologist Stephen Nicol foundto quote him, “huge amounts of iron in whale poo.”

    Learn more about the significance of whale poop to marine life food chain from Robert Krulwich at npr


    Sunset in a broken mirror resembles stained glass

    Photograph by BING WRIGHT
    Website | James Harris Gallery | Paula Cooper Gallery

    It’s KPLU’s spring drive.

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    Stein thanks ya!

    John Coltrane “took it further than any [other] tenor saxophone player,” says photographer Chuck Stewart.

    Smithsonian magazine: New Photos of John Coltrane Rediscovered 50 Years After They Were Shot

    During the recording of A Love Supreme in 1964, Chuck Stewart caught the jazz legend in his element. 

    How Sandwich Cookies Are Unmade Back Into Cocoa Powder, Flour, Cocaine and Gunpowder

    (via laughingsquid)


    Sophie the English Bulldog Really Enjoys Rolling Down A Grassy Hill


    Illustration of Black Hole Jets Shooting From the 4U1630-47 Star System


    Dutch artist Ramon Bruin, aka JJK Airbrush creates incredibly convincing anamorphic illustrations that don’t stop at simply giving the illusion of being 3D, they appear to come to life and interact with their clever creator.

    The artist’s skilled hand crafts imaginary three-dimensional worlds on two-dimensional platforms adorned with props like pencils and other art supplies used to create each image.

    Bruin also adds a touch of whimsy and humor to his creations that aids in their believability while providing an entertaining image. His expert level of understanding of the various mediums he works with (pencil, watercolor, acrylics, and oils) is his secret for now, though. When asked by a fellow deviantART user to share some of his techniques, Bruin replied, “Perhaps I share some later. Right now I’m focussing on mesmerizing you all.”

    Visit JJK Airbrush’s deviantART page to check out even more of his astonishing anamorphic illustrations.

    [via My Modern Metropolis]

    Flyboarding in and above Lake Washington (by KPLU FM)




    What Life Would Be Like If You Were a Dog

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