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    Spokane street musician takes the violin to another level!


    Lego Carl and Peter. My mind is blown.

    Carl Kasell & Peter Sagal (by davekaleta)

    NASA unveils ‘most amazing’ high def image of Earth

    NASA unveiled what it’s calling the “most amazing high definition image of Earth — Blue Marble 2012.” This one was taken “from the VIIRS instrument aboard NASA’s most recently launched Earth-observing satellite — Suomi NPP,” NASA says, and is a “composite image [that] uses a number of swaths of the Earth’s surface taken on January 4, 2012.”

    So how does this new composite image compare to some of the others? Check them out.


    Time-Lapse of Lightning Storms in Africa As Seen From Space Station

    5 People + 1 Guitar = Viral Video of the Week

    From YouTube Trends:

    On Friday, a cover of the song “Somebody That I Used to Know” performed by Walk Off the Earth began to draw attention for its use of just one guitar and five performers for all the music. By Sunday, the video was averaging three million views a day, with most of the viewers coming across it as it was shared on social media sites.

    Introducing “The Choppertone”

    KPLU music director, Nick Francis performs a live mashup of Fats Waller’s Honeysuckle Rose on “The Choppertone,” a self-built MIDI controller which allows him to remix and mashup jazz tunes in real-time. Read more about the device and hear additional mashups on

    Our extended amputee tortoise coverage continues with this video of the prosthetic wheel in action! See the full story

    Tortoise gets artificial wheel at WSU vet hospital

    Watch out Mr. Hare, this tortoise has wheels.

    A 12-year-old African tortoise that recently had a front leg amputated due to injury is now moving just fine thanks to a swiveling wheel attached to his shell by surgeons at Washington State University’s veterinary hospital.

    Officials at WSU say the 23-pound tortoise, named Gamera after the giant flying turtle of the old Japanese monster movie, is gaining weight and generally thriving with his new appendage.

    Veterinary hospital spokesman Charlie Powell said the wheel allows Gamera to move on lumpy as well as flat surfaces.

    UPDATE: The artificial limb put on an African tortoise at Washington State University didn’t come from a high-tech prosthetics lab. It came from Ace Hardware in Pullman. They say the $7 wheel was purchased off-the-shelf, as was the epoxy that attached it to the shell.


    The Flashed Face Effect

    Here is some really surprisingly research coming out of the University of Queensland. While working on an unrelated project, researchers aligned a bunch of faces at the eyes. The surprise came when the faces were played back in succession while not looking directly at them. Viewed in the periphery, what you perceive is a procession of horrific, scary, monster-like faces. But stop the video on any one of them, and each turns out to be a pretty, pleasing face.

    According to the researchers, Sean Murphy and Matt Thompson, what your brain keys on are all the specific differences between each face. As the center of your brain’s attention, those differences appear magnified and greatly distorted.

    Watch this video twice. First do as it says, and keep your eyes on the cross. Note how ugly the faces are that go by. And then play it a second time, looking directly at the faces, and pausing it whenever you like. There is not an ugly one to be found.


    by Brian Dunning.

    (via wnycradiolab)

    This is awesome!


    A Launch Photo 30 Years In The Making

    Here is a time-lapse of the work on 520 over the weekend that shut down the connection between Seattle and Bellevue over the weekend.

    Courtesy of the WSDOT

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